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On this page:

  1. The admin console
  2. Configure the Dropbox connector
  3. Configure the Google Drive connector

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The admin console

The admin console enable you to change the settings of your filestash instance. It can be access at:

admin console screenshot

The admin console let you:

  1. configure your instance with a whole range of customisation
  2. see your logs
  3. create the login screen that fit your specific need. As an example: other instance screenshot

Configure the Dropbox connector

Configuring Dropbox must be done by:

  1. requesting access to the Dropbox API. Without this, Filestash can’t access anything stored on the Dropbox servers. To do that, go here, then:
    • click: “Create App”
    • select: “dropbox api”
    • select: “Full Dropbox” or “App folder”
    • insert: “whatever name you want”
    • insert at ‘redirect URI’ =>
  2. store the client_id configuration given by Dropbox (also known as the App key) in the admin console or by setting the DROPBOX_CLIENT_ID environment variable

Configure the Google Drive connector

Configuring Google drive can be done by:

  1. Requesting access to the Google drive API. Without this, Filestash can’t get anything store on the server of Google. To do that, you need to go here and enable the drive api. Then, go here and create credentials that filestash will be using to communicate with Google
  2. Publish the configuration given by Google (client_id and client_secret) in your admin console or by setting the GDRIVE_CLIENT_ID and GDRIVE_CLIENT_SECRET environment variable

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