Cloud Install

We will be assuming you already have an AWS Account. If that’s not the case, you can either create an account on your own or reach out to us and we will look after everything on your behalf.

This guide is split in 3 parts:

  1. part 1: Register the product on AWS
  2. part 2: Do some configuration magics from AWS
  3. part 3: Access the software

Step1: Register to our product

From the AWS marketplace, subscribe to our product from our vendor page:

At this stage, the status should show pending for about 2 minutes after which you see this:

Step2: AWS Configuration

Step3: Access the software

You now have 2 options:

This will setup SSL certificate so you can access your application via HTTPS. After a few seconds, you will be great by Filestash:

Tips: if you don’t use your own domain name but the IP address or the domain, Filestash will generate self signed certificate meaning users will be asked to follow through a scary prompt to access the application. That prompt won’t be there if you use your own domain name.