SSH File transfer made easy with our SFTP Browser

Examples of free online SFTP server for testing:


SSH File Browser and Explorer

Our web SFTP client makes it easy to copy files and folders both from local to remote and from remote to local. Under the hood it uses the SSH File Transfer Protocol also known as SFTP

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Access your sftp from your browser

Filestash is a web interface to access your SFTP server from your browser. It makes it easy to explore / edit / upload/ download / delete / rename anything on your server

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Works with all the popular free SFTP servers

Our online tool works great with any SFTP compliant server like Openssh, ProFTPD and even your Amazon S3 buckets with AWS SFTP

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Document editor

Open up your files and easily edit them directly from your browser. It even works with word documents, spreadsheet and presentations

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Collaborate easily

Create shared links without sharing any credentials to anyone. Protect those links with a password, make it available to a specific email adress or a domain, there's many options available.

File manager integration

Shared links can be mounted in your file manager and be used like any other network drive

Open source and Free software

You don't have to trust us. The code of our software is available on github for everyone to download, audit, selfhost and contribute back

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Extensible and Configurable

Filestash can be customised quite simply. Also, many features can be enable/disable from the admin console. If that's not enough, you can extend the program by creating your own plugins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFTP?

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for securely transfer file over a network between a client that can use that protocol and a server that implements the protocol.

How SFTP works?

The particularity of SFTP compared to FTP and FTPS is how it uses SSH as a transport mechanism to securely transfer files.

How to use SFTP?

To use SFTP, you need both a server which implement the SFTP protocol like openssh and a client to communicate with that server.

How to access an SFTP server from a browser?

Filestash has a web interface that make it easy to access and transfer your files.

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