The path forward now that Chrome and Firefox have dropped FTP support

Up until the end of 2021, browsers were able to browse through FTP server and download files straight from it.

ftp from chrome - old

After the initial deprecation annoucement, the latest version of Chrome has lost its FTP capability

The good news is there’s some much better FTP client you can use from your browser like you did before:

ftp from chrome - new

To get this to work, you can either:

  1. visit our FTP client online tool
  2. use this URL conversion tool to translate the old URL which had a ftp:// onto a new format you can share with others:

On the plus side, you will now use FTPS if your server supports it and gain a lot of other functionalities which weren’t offered by chrome before like upload, download multiple file at once (via zip), rename, search, shared links and many more.