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A web app to access, manage and share the data on your

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Manage your data

Filestash lets you easily manage your data regardless of where it is store: FTP / SFTP / Git / S3 / Minio / Dropbox / Google Drive

Flexible Collaboration

With its flexible sharing mechanism, Filestash allows the creation of shared links that can be mounted as a network drive

Configurable and customisable

Filestash can be configure to fit many use cases. Need additional flexibility? Create your own plugin

Note taking

Filestash's powerfull editor support org-mode. It can be used to create reports, notes, agendas and todos

Photo gallery

Upload your photos and share a link to your friends. The image viewer exposes all the metadata in your pictures

Multimedia viewer

Filestash lets you stream your videos and music straight from your browser

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More Features

Works everywhere

The web app works flowlessly on all devices

Low resources

No supercomputer was ever arm while using Filestash

Simple but powerfull

Our only mission: "Filestash let you manage the data in your cloud"

Not bloated

We just focus on our core misssion without any unrelated bloat


We've passed agressive security audit to deploy in a F500 company

Open Source

The source code is available, under the license beard dude love: the AGPL

Super fast

The web app feels extremely fast, see by yourself!

Intelligent image resizing

Pictures are optimised to fit on your screen without storing duplicate junks

Simple Search

To let you find your files in an instant

Quick Access

Your most visited files are pined to your homepage for quick access


Padawans use their keyboard and have a healthy shift ctrl routine

Admin area

An easy to use admin pannel to configure your instance

Network Drive

Shared links can be used as a network drive

In the roadmap for v0.6

Powerfull Search

To let you find your files in an instant

Database plugins

New connectors to explore data in relational databases

In the roadmap for v0.7

Video transcoding

Automatically transcode videos on demand

In the roadmap for v0.8

Automatic SSL

Automatically generate your SSL certificate so that you don't have to do it yourself

In the roadmap for v0.8

Automatic config

Automagically configure itself to be publicly accessible from a public URL

In the roadmap for v0.8

Automatic Upgrade

Filestash automatically update itself without any action required from your end