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Example of free FTP server:
ftp.gnu.org ftp.pureftpd.org ftp.vim.org ftp.slackware.com

Filestash can be tailored with your company colors and logo, integrating with your corporate single signed on. We will go the extra mile to fullfil your needs and requirements for customisation Chat with us

Explore and Manage your FTP server

Our web FTP client make it easy to manage and explore the data on your server. It will work with any FTP compliant server such as Proftpd, Pureftpd, Filezilla, Vsftpd, ...

screenshot of Filestash when uploading

Content editor and viewer

Watch your videos or images, the integrated FTP editor let you view and edit not only office document but also a wide range of file format and more

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FTP Search

It's never been that easy to search something on your FTP server. Get the full power of search in the cloud or on premise with full text search and additional settings to fit your usage

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Mac, Windows and Linux

Our software tool is available as a web application from your browser giving your the ultimate portability without having to install anything. It works best with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox.

logo of the 3 main operating system

File Sharing and full-text search

Collaborate with shared link that stay under strict control. The full-text search engine make it easy to find your existing content.

illustration of the shared link screen

Expose your FTP on the web

Get your users the interface they deserved and integrate either through an iframe or with a custom page like this page

illustration of the shared link screen

Online and offline

As a PWA, Filestash not only work great online but also goes to great length to provide some basic functionalities for offline usage

illustration of the online behavior

Integrates with your file manager

Shared links integrates with your file manager. They can be used as a network drive under windows, OSX or Linux. Those links are full fledge WebDAV server that ties onto your FTP

webdav integration


Our web FTP tool can be entirely customised. It can be white labelled and extended through the plugin mechanism to fit your needs and processes with a lot of flexibility

plugin illustration

Open source and Free Software

Filestash is open source software. Our code is available from Github so you can audit, expand and self host your own version (see the documentation).

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Creating an awesome Web FTP client

Traditional FTP clients such as Filezilla FTP or WinSCP are great for sysadmin and engineers but all your users might not be familiar with the underlying protocol and just want a tool to get things done im a simple manner. The value proposition of Filestash is to make FTP easy to use for your end-users, bringing collaboration features to make FTP a modern replacement to Dropbox.


What does FTP stand for?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol"

What is the FTP Protocol?

FTP is a protocol that defines how two machines (known as the client and the server) can communicate over a network to transfer files. It has been defined in many different RFCs

What is FTP used for?

FTP is used to transfer files over a network

What is a FTP server?

An FTP server is a server software that implements the FTP protocol (example: PureFTPd, bftpd, proFTPd, Filezilla server, ...). It is used to enable the sharing of files between different parties over a network.

What is a FTP client?

An FTP client is a software that can be used to access an FTP server. Example: Filezilla FTP, Filestash, Cyberduck, ...

Who invented FTP?

FTP was invented by Abhay Bhushan while he was a student at MIT.

When was FTP invented?

The original specification of FTP was published the 16 April 1971 and was revisited several times in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

What does FTP do?

FTP is a means by which two machines can transfer files over a network.

Is FTP dead?

No, FTP is alive and well. If we account only for the visible side of the iceberg, there are about as many FTP servers exposed to the internet as the entire population of Switzerland.

Is FTP unsecure?

While it is true that FTP wasn't initially created with security in mind, the protocol got refined in 2005 to support TLS with RFC4217

Is FTP outdated?

Being invented 18 years before Time Berners Lee invented HTTP, FTP has passed the test of time. In 2020, there's still millions of FTP servers exposed to the internet and all popular FTP servers are still being actively maintained

Is FTP bulky?

No. In fact, FTP was created at a time where nobody could afford the hardware to run anything bulky.

Is FTP hard to use?

Not necessarily. FTP is a protocol, not an end-user application. On the many software available for FTP, some are harder to use than other ones. Filestash is quite easy to use

Which FTP server to choose?

Out of the millions of FTP server exposed to the internet, the most popular server software are:

  1. PureFTPd with 26% of market share
  2. Bftpd with 9% of market share
  3. Microsoft FTPD with 9% of market share
  4. proFTPd with 7% of market share

Which FTP client to use?

FTP clients are available in 2 flavors:

  1. desktop application: Filezilla FTP, Cyberduck, ...
  2. web application: Filestash, ...

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