FTP Online; Try our web based FTP Client

Examples of currently online FTP servers:
ftp.gnu.org ftp.pureftpd.org ftp.vim.org ftp.slackware.com


Explore and Manage the data on your FTP server

Our web based online FTP client let you easily view / edit / delete / rename your data on your server. It will work wether you use proftpd, pureftpd, filezilla, vsftpd or any other FTP compliant server.

screenshot of Filestash when uploading

Open source

This software is open source. The code is available from github, feel free to audit it and selfhost your own version (see the documentation on how to do that).

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Text editor

Our integrated text editor let you edit the content on your FTP. It is based on CodeMirror and has no problem with syntax highlighting on a wide range of languages

screenshot of the text editor

Online and offline

Filestash is a PWA which mean that it not only works great online but it has some functionality for offline usage as well

illustration of the online behavior

Mac, Windows and Linux

Our software is available as a web application from your browser giving your the ultimate portability without having to install anything

logo of the 3 main operating system

Integrates with your file manager

Filestash integrates with your local file manager. yes, that means Filestash translates FTP call onto webdav with its webdav your file manager support

webdav integration

Shared links and full text search

Filestash modernise your FTP server by enabling new usage like full text search and shared links.

illustration of the shared link screen


Extend the base program to customise it to your exact need by creating some plugins

plugin illustration

We have some more online clients:

S3 SFTP Webdav GIT

We hope you find Filestash as cool as we do. If you need help or want to chat, you can find us on IRC on freenode at #filestash