FTP Online; Try our web based FTP client

Examples of currently online FTP servers for testing:
ftp.gnu.org ftp.pureftpd.org ftp.vim.org ftp.slackware.com
Or register to one of those free services:
Byet.host 000webhost.com profreehost.com


Explore and Manage the data on your FTP server

With our web based online FTP client, you can easily access / explore / edit / upload / download / delete / rename the data on your server. It will work wether you use proftpd, pureftpd, filezilla, vsftpd or any other FTP compliant server.

screenshot of Filestash when uploading

Content editor

Our integrated FTP editor let you directly edit your files online. It is based on CodeMirror and has no problem with syntax highlighting on a wide range of languages

screenshot of the text editor

Open source and Free Software

This software is open source. The code is available from github, feel free to audit it and selfhost your own version (see the documentation on how to do that).

agpl logo

Mac, Windows and Linux

Our software tool is available as a web application from your browser giving your the ultimate portability without having to install anything. It works best with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox.

logo of the 3 main operating system

File Sharing and full text search

Shared links can be easily created and manage with plenty of option for access control, putting you in control over what you share and how. Also the full text search engine let you find your data easily

illustration of the shared link screen

Putting your FTP on the web

Just create an iframe that point to a shared link or create some automatic login links like we did in our own landing page

illustration of the shared link screen

Online and offline

Filestash is a PWA which mean that it not only works great online but it has some functionality for offline usage as well

illustration of the online behavior

Integrates with your file manager

Filestash integrates with your local file manager. yes, that means Filestash translates FTP call onto webdav with its webdav your file manager support

webdav integration


Our FTP tool comes with a plugin mechanism allowing for a lot of flexility to extend the core service and customise it to fit your specific need and workflow. Wanna start create plugin? See the documentation

plugin illustration

Creating an awesome Web FTP client

Traditional FTP clients such as Filezilla FTP or WinSCP are great for sys admin, but having access to all the feature from the FTP protocols makes it hard to use for everyone else. The value proposition of Filestash is to make FTP easy to use for the end users, not sys admins, bringing collaboration features to make FTP a modern replacement to Dropbox that respect your privacy

Using a freebox? free gives free FTP account to their customers. Use "ftpperso.free.fr" as the hostname and fill your username and password as given by

We have some more online clients:


We hope you find Filestash as cool as we do. If you need help or want to chat, you can find us on IRC on freenode at #filestash