Tips and tricks

  1. Clicking on the edit icon lets you move a file either with an absolute or with a relative path. In other words, you can type:
    • /tmp/foo.txt to move into your tmp folder and rename your file to foo.txt
    • ../test/bar.txt
  2. Ctrl+F to search for something
  3. Alt+1, Alt+2: to change the view mode while browsing your files
  4. Ctrl+h: to toggle visibility of hidden files
  5. Esc to exit visible popup
  6. Going to /about gives you information about the release
  7. The text editor supports many of emacs’ keybindings. If you’re not part of the church of emacs, we also provide keybindings for vi and Sublime Text. This can be set via the admin console
  8. The admin console has a few cool tricks under its belt, my favorite is for it to be enabled from features => enable_console. Restart your instance and navigate to /tty/: you will be greeted with a fully-fledged bash console straight from your browser, which is very handy when it comes to maintenance.
  9. You can create deep links from the login page. Want to know more? See our FTP client and S3 pages. Pro tip: If your use case allows for it, replace the url parameters with hash params, it will work the same way but won’t show on the server logs

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