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Want to run your own Filestash? Tailor every aspect of it via plugins and using the admin console, integrate your SMB server with your SSO provider, or go the white labelling route; we've got you covered. Filestash is the most adaptable file manager available. Chat with us

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Explore and Manage your SMB shares

Our SMB client make it easy to manage and explore the data on your server. It will work with any SMB server such as SAMBA, Azure files, ...

screenshot of Filestash when uploading

Content editor and viewer

From watching videos to viewing images, the integrated SMB editor enables not only the viewing and editing of office documents but virtually any file format. Want something different? Plugins to the rescue.

screenshot of the text editor

SMB Search

From basic recursive searches to advanced full-text search capabilities, our plugins connect everything together to handle the complexity of enterprise search within your SMB environment.

search screenshot

Mac, Windows and Linux

Our online client tool is a web application that works seamlessly in any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, and more, eliminating the hassle of installing software first.

logo of the 3 main operating system

File Sharing

Use shared links to collaborate with users who don't even have an account on your SMB server. Apply fined grained access control to keep your shared content under control.

illustration of the shared link screen

Expose your SMB on the web

Provide your users with a sleek interface, whether as a standalone application within your infrastructure, as part of ours, or integrated into your own application.

illustration of the shared link screen


Our SMB tool is fully customizable, supporting white labeling and extension through plugins to adapt to your unique needs and workflows with a lot of flexibility.

plugin illustration

Integrates with your file manager

Shared links integrates with your file manager. They can be used as a network drive under windows, OSX or Linux. Those links are full fledge WebDAV server that ties onto your SMB server.

webdav integration

Open source and Free Software

Filestash is open source software. Our code is available from Github so you can audit, expand and self host your own version (see the documentation).

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