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A online tool to browse and manage your LDAP server

Filestash is web-based online tool to be use as a GUI to explore your LDAP server. The interface makes it easy to view / edit / add and remove entries from your server without being an LDIF wizard

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LDAP Viewer and Editor

Our integrated viewer makes it easy to view and edit an object from your directory without being a wizard at creating LDIF files.

object class editor

Understand your LDAP schema

Filestash has a range of builtin of LDAP schema and it understand most commons structural object classes

schema illustration

Shared links and full text search

Filestash adds a few features from your LDAP server such as full text search to quickly find something or someone and shared link to collaborate accross your organisation without frightening people who aren't used to LDIF

illustration of the shared link screen

Linux, Windows and Mac OSX

Our LDAP browser tool is to be used from your browser giving you the ultimate portability accross all platforms: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and even Android and IOS, no download required!

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Open source & free software

Our tool is both open source and free software. The code is available from github for everyone to use, audit and selfhost their own

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LDAP Compliant servers

Filestash works great as an user interface for openldap, 389ds, active directory and any other LDAP compliant server

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Extend the base program to customise it to your exact need by creating some plugins. Actually, the LDAP functionality itself was implemented as a plugin, how cool is that?

plugin illustration

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