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An easy to use product that integrates with your data and your processes

Chat with Us

My company required a custom plugin derived from the original open source repo. The developer provided such great support during the first meetings, that my company immediately opened an enterprise account with Filestash. The support and development of our own custom plugin was fantastic!

David C.
If you need a file manager, get filestash. The product is easy to use, easy to configure, very secure, and works very well. Mickael has been outstanding with his customer support, helping us customize the app to fit our specific requirements. I can't say enough good things about his app, and him. If you are looking for a fast, efficient, and streamlined front-end GUI to manage files, look no further.

Chris M.

Manage your data online

Filestash lets you access and manage your data in a simple way regardless of where that data is stored

screenshot of Filestash when uploading files/folders


With its flexible sharing mechanism, Filestash allows the creation of shared links that can be mounted as a network drive

screenshot while creating a shared link

Explore your Photos

Upload your photos and share a link with someone else. The image viewer exposes all the metadata in your pictures

Filestash as a photo gallery

Enjoy your media

Filestash lets you stream your videos and music straight from your browser

Filestash as a media viewer

Take notes

Filestash's powerful editor supports org-mode. It can be used to create reports, notes, agendas and todos

org-mode client

Make it exactly the way you need it

Filestash can be configured to fit your use case. In need of more flexibility? Create your own plugin and make it happen

example of login screen after configuring Filestash

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More Features

Open Source

Our entire source code is available on github

Low resources

It doesn't take a supercomputer to run Filestash

Powerful Search

To let you find your files in an instant

Video transcoding

Automatically transcode videos on demand

Network Drive

Shared links are full fledged network drives

Image optimisation

Pictures are transcoded on demand to fit your screen without waste

Works everywhere

The web app works flawlessly on all devices

Super fast

The web app is designed to feel extremely fast

No bloat

Our software is laser focused but extensible


We've passed an aggressive security audit to deploy in a F500 company

Quick Access

Your most visited files are pinned to your homepage for quick access

Admin area

An easy to use admin panel to configure your instance


A range of keyboard shortcuts to do things faster

Database plugins

New connectors to explore data in relational databases

Simple & powerful

Our only mission: "Filestash let you manage your data"